Youth Ministry


Our high school youth ministry, @LIFED (Living In Faith Every Day), was named by our current teens to reflect the journey and challenge of a high school teen's Catholic life today.  In the current environment of the pandemic, our group has met both via Zoom and in-person outdoors only when health regulations allow for it.  We have fun while we continue to grow in our faith.

In order to participate, we do require completed and signed permission forms for each participant. Forms are linked on the right side of this page.

Adults, we also need additional core team members to help with small group facilitation as well as general support for the core team leaders. We hope you'll consider assisting us in this fun and exciting ministry.

Please contact Dominic Ielati for more info.


EDGE is a parish youth ministry program offered for teens in grades 6-8. EDGE encourages young people to take an active approach to life in the church and addresses topics that are relevant to today’s youth. EDGE also focuses on developing a personal relationship with Christ, and proves that faith and fun can go hand in hand!

EDGE is a unique program that meets teens where they are and inspires young people to create a brighter future together.

Since we can’t engage our middle schoolers in person at this time, we will try to capture their attention by engaging them (and their parents) using online content and questions that will engage them in living a life of faith.

For more information, please contact Bryan McKrell at 916.501.6601 or by email.

Additional Resources

Additional information for youth can be found on the Sacramento Diocese's Youth page.