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Lent Schedule 2020

Lent is our annual opportunity to re-focus on the Lord and His call to be closer to Him.  It's a time to ask ourselves, "Am I close to the Lord as I should be?"  It's a call to repent of our sins, remove the obstacles that keep us from living in His love and turn our lives toward Him through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  So, we encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to grow closer to Him.

Save the date! Parish Lenten Mission is March 23-26

Plan to join fellow parishioners for Four evenings of Spiritual Renewal.  All are invited to the Mission: young & old, single, married, those separated or divorced or widowed, Catholics & others. Invite your friends, especially those who might be experiencing difficulties with the Church today, alienated or disenfranchised. People are hungry for God today, craving for meaning, hope, & inspiration... our appeal is to ALL who have stayed or strayed.  Our mission leader is Fr. Jack Conley, C.P. All talks will be in the evening beginning at 6:30pm.