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Parish Clergy

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Fr. Antony, a member of the CMI Congregation was ordained a priest on Dec. 26, 1990 in India. After his ordination, as a religious missionary priest, he worked in Tanzania and Kenya in Africa for 12 Years.  He taught in secondary schools in Tanzania and Kenya for two years. He was a parish priest in Australia for 10 years. Most recently, he served as Parochial Vicar at St. Anthony- St. Alphonsus Church, Brooklyn, New York.  He has a Bachelor of Philosophy, Arts, Theology and Education. He has a Master’s degree in History.  In…

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Parochial Vicar

Phone: (916) 452-0296

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Phone: (916) 452-0296 Ext. 12
I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 9th, 1946 to two immigrant Italians from Naples, Italy. I am the youngest child and only son of the four children born to my parents. I attended Catholic grade school in Somerville, Massachusetts(four miles from Boston) where I was raised. I was a dutiful altar server at St. Joseph’s Parish and grew up attending every kind of activity the church had to offer from CYO baseball to the drill team where I played as part of the drum team. I went to high school in nearby Cambridge at St. Mary’…

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Phone: (916) 452-0296 Ext. 17
I was born in Duluth, Minnesota. My mother is Swede and my father is Polish. My mother is 2nd generation born in America and my father is first generation. My brother and I were raised in a strong Catholic home. Polish grandparents and extended family were very close. We lived in the country north of Duluth and attended St. Joseph’s Church where I was baptized. Many of my family are buried in the church cemetery. My family moved to Chicago during the 2nd World War and then to a small town in Illinois where I attended grade school…