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I was born in Kerala, India and am the fifth child of my parents' ten children. I have five brothers and four sisters. One of my elder brothers is a religious brother and he belongs to the Society of St. Paul Order. All of my other siblings got married and are leading an active Catholic family life. My parents and oldest brother passed away several years ago. After my High School studies, I joined the seminary in the order of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) when I was 16. During my 13 years of formation, I earned bachelor’s…

Deacon George Kriske (Retired) Send Email


I was born in Duluth, Minnesota. My mother is Swede and my father is Polish. My mother is 2nd generation born in America and my father is first generation. My brother and I were raised in a strong Catholic home. Polish grandparents and extended family were very close. We lived in the country north of Duluth and attended St. Joseph’s Church where I was baptized. Many of my family are buried in the church cemetery. My family moved to Chicago during the 2nd World War and then to a small town in Illinois where I attended grade school…