Reminders, suggestions for how to live in this time of pandemic

Date: April 22, 2020 - May 15, 2020
Time: 12:00am

During this time of pandemic, here are some things you can do when we can't publicly worship...

First, remember that God is with us! He never abandons us!

Pray! Tell God your needs and then spend some time listening and realize His active presence in our lives.

Worship! Participate in televised or streamed Masses. Spiritually unite yourself by making a Spiritual Communion with all the Masses celebrated throughout the world. Visit our web page for links to where to find a televised mass as well as a Spiritual Communion prayer.

Stay healthy! Take care of yourself. Get exercise as you can & have recreation time. Make contact with loved ones & friends.

If you know of someone in the parish who is sick, an elderly person who lives alone, or anyone in need of assistance, please contact the Rectory office and our priests will visit or assist as they are able.

Lastly, the parish is still depending on you for financial support so we can continue to pay our bills. Choose to make a recurring donation with our Electronic Offering Program or make a one-time donation to support our parish, on our Giving page.

To learn more about adjustments to parish life during this time of pandemic, visit our resource page.

May God bless and protect each of you during this time!